Inmed is designed for the future of medicine. With digital technologies that allow a full range of remote medical care, we offer solutions for remote outpatient monitoring, travel insurance and medical concierge. Our app is welcoming and user friendly. It allows patients to track their health and communicate with our medical team through a sophisticated technological system that consists of dynamic bots, Electronic Medical Records, and Medical Device Carts/Trolleys


A revolutionary Electronic Medical Record system that tracks every type of interaction, to provide Doctors and medical teams with comprehensive and readily available information from anywhere on the globe. The system is supported by a Call Center that intercepts and distributes incoming requests from the patient app, to available and appropriate medical staff. Once the Doctor-Patient connection is established,  the EMR guides both through the required actions, depending on the case at hand.



Our Dynamic Bots are an essential, groundbreaking feature of the Inmed operation. They offer the option of 24/7 Monitoring in cases for which it is necessary, providing both patients and Medical staff with cutting edge care abilities and peace of mind. The bots are designed to constantly carry and update information to the EMR system, constantly tracking medical stats. They ensure that at any given point, and from anywhere in the world, a medical consultation will be based on the most recent, exact, complete stats possible.

Medical Cart/Trolly

As a growing global company, we have established medical concierge and travel insurance points to allow for remote emergency care. A fully equipped Medical Cart is stationed at strategic locations, allowing patients to remotely connect to their caregiver and consult on further action, if necessary.

We also provide Medical Trolleys, a compact version of the Medical Cart, for both outpatient care and travel purposes.

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